Facebook Group: Netflix Streaming Movies

Facebook group owner of Netflix Streaming Movies needed a cool cover photo to represent the group.
Images had to suggest the Netflix brand in color, logotype and style. Below themes were: classic movie red featuring various streaming players, an after-dark special and a high tech streaming look.
If you are a fan of discussing Netflix movies, you can join the Facebook group here.

Facebook Group Cover Design

Netflix Streaming Movies Group #1 Netflix Streaming Movies Group #3 Netflix Streaming Movies Group #2

Free St. Patrick’s Day Icons!

With St. Patty’s Day around the corner, it’s time to show your love for all Irish and green! And I couldn’t have had more fun designing these quirky vectors.
Click HERE to download your Ai file!

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St.Patrick's Day Icons
St.Patrick’s Day Icons

Disclaimer: These icons are provided as free for non-commercial and personal use. Please email delia@deliakrimmel.com for written agreement towards redistribution, profit or sales. Please credit deliakrimmel.com for work above or provide link. Thanks!

Photography: Deception Pass

Besides graphic design, I love photography. There’s photography and then there’s landscapes and nature and beauty. This is what I love capturing and editing.
These photos were taken in WA state at Deception Pass Trail.

“Harap Alb” Cover Design

This project was created for “Harap Alb,” a Romanian folklore translated by English teacher V. Georgescu. The project required a full color book cover and black and white chapter titles. For the covers, I depicted the main characters of the story including major locations depicted in the scenery. I conceptualized the style of the illustration to be a mixture between rough and hand-drawn illustrations with child-like simplicity. The rough feel relates to the age of the folklore and the time period it was created in and it also relates to Eastern European Orthodox religious art featuring strong outlines, simple details and bright colors. Each chapter title was created to look like a rough pencil drawing to add to the stark monotone contrast.

For a sample of “Harap Alb” or to purchase it, please visit Amazon at the site below:
Harap Alb on Amazon

The Slipper (Stylus) Fits

Bunny Slippers

I’m starting out my new blog, again, with a bang. An emotional bag. I’m looking for a job. Not just a job…a career, a wonderful graphic design position that will make me flourish beyond my expectations. Freelancing is fun, there are clients, anytime hours, working in baggy clothes and good rates. But there isn’t communication, director influence, multiple ongoing projects. And rigid structure is self directed and can be misinterpreted easily by willingness or accident.

Basically, I personally feel a little young in my field to self prescribe all solutions. I like being in charge but I still want to learn more and experience.

So every day I look at my resume, tweak it for each application, apply it for multiple jobs and yes each application receives a cover letter whether asked for or not. So for each application, I rewrite who I am in a cover letter and proceed to spend a long time writing out the application. I’m not complaining (if it offends anyone) and I am (if it pulls on anyone’s heartstrings enough to offer me a career entrance.)

Taking a break from my daily activities, I want to mention that I love the tv show CSI; Las Vegas is no. 1 and unfortunately Netflix only offers Miami…but either way, I still watch it because Jerry Bruckheimer adds some essential components to each series: dedication and passion.

Wrapping this up…I promise. I was blissfully watching an episode from Season 2 and I was feeling joyful for some reason and a bulb clicked and I realized how much enjoyment I get out of watching the CSI’s work. Then I realized that I’m actually the happiest in my life when I work. And then going deeper, I realized that looking for a job is just another part of my career, and it’s still about graphic design, still about art, still about fulfilling what I love doing the most. So in the end, whether it doesn’t feel right sometimes or I don’t see it, I’m still executing some action in the graphic design world.

So the slipper fits, my life fits. But I prefer the stylus because going to work in slippers doesn’t sound very professional.

Artistic Stoneworks Ad

Indulge Magazine Ad for Artistic Stoneworks.

Indulge Magazine Ad for Artistic Stoneworks.

Artistic Stoneworks is a design and landscaping business in Texas. I created an ad that was placed in Indulge Magazine.