There’s a satisfaction sometimes to getting your hands dirty. Sanding, cleaning and etching a stone and turning it into art is one of those satisfying yet frustrating art forms.


Facebook Group: Netflix Streaming Movies

Facebook group owner of Netflix Streaming Movies needed a cool cover photo to represent the group.
Images had to suggest the Netflix brand in color, logotype and style. Below themes were: classic movie red featuring various streaming players, an after-dark special and a high tech streaming look.
If you are a fan of discussing Netflix movies, you can join the Facebook group here.

Facebook Group Cover Design

Netflix Streaming Movies Group #1 Netflix Streaming Movies Group #3 Netflix Streaming Movies Group #2

Free St. Patrick’s Day Icons!

With St. Patty’s Day around the corner, it’s time to show your love for all Irish and green! And I couldn’t have had more fun designing these quirky vectors.
Click HERE to download your Ai file!

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St.Patrick's Day Icons

St.Patrick’s Day Icons

Disclaimer: These icons are provided as free for non-commercial and personal use. Please email for written agreement towards redistribution, profit or sales. Please credit for work above or provide link. Thanks!

Photography: Deception Pass

Besides graphic design, I love photography. There’s photography and then there’s landscapes and nature and beauty. This is what I love capturing and editing.
These photos were taken in WA state at Deception Pass Trail.