“Harap Alb” Cover Design

This project was created for “Harap Alb,” a Romanian folklore translated by English teacher V. Georgescu. The project required a full color book cover and black and white chapter titles. For the covers, I depicted the main characters of the story including major locations depicted in the scenery. I conceptualized the style of the illustration to be a mixture between rough and hand-drawn illustrations with child-like simplicity. The rough feel relates to the age of the folklore and the time period it was created in and it also relates to Eastern European Orthodox religious art featuring strong outlines, simple details and bright colors. Each chapter title was created to look like a rough pencil drawing to add to the stark monotone contrast.

For a sample of “Harap Alb” or to purchase it, please visit Amazon at the site below:
Harap Alb on Amazon

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Freelance graphic designer, photographer and artist.

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