Envelope Templates

Designing an envelope from scratch can be an easy task with a clear template.

Included envelope templates are: A-style, Baronial & Commercial

More information can be found at: http://www.neenahpaper.com/Resources/AboutEnvelopes/EnvelopeTypes/Announcements


  • Commonly used for invitations or other social announcements.
  • A-style refers to the square cut flap instead of an ordinary rounded or triangle cut.


  • Baronial envelopes are the traditional envelopes you would use to mail a party invitation. Think of the bulk party invitations sold by supermarkets with preprinted designs.
  • They are stockier and feature a rounded triangle flap.


  • This is our most common envelope; we use it daily for business and paying bills.
  • They feature a long and rectangular shape. Flap shapes vary from rounded, square to bracket.